Top 5 Asian YouTube Videos Of The Day – 8/23/2011

#5 Zombie Engagement by gsmaestro
Views 456 | Posted 8/23/2011

You’ve seen the pictures… now check them out with an awesome soundtrack!

#4 Asian girl group Blush interview with by channelapa
Views 127 | Posted 8/23/2011

#3 Childhood TV Shows Medley- Joseph Vincent by hoorahjencar
Views 18,052 | Posted 8/23/2011

What 5 songs would you include in your Chilhood TV Show medley?

Mine would have to be:
1) Instrumental from ALF
2) Instrumental from Doogie Howser
3) California Dreams
4) M.A.S.K. Cartoon
5) Gummi Bears Cartoon

#2 “Mystery” Magician Picks Up Girls – Get Her Number! by SimplePickup
Views 55,991 | Posted 8/23/2011

#1 J.Reyez & Tommy C – Rise To The Top [Official Video] by JReyez
Views 14,229 | Posted 8/23/2011

J.Reyez is one of the most popular YouTube rappers from Canada and Tommy C is from Chi-town.

Honorable Mentions

Losing Friends at Poker Night by chestersee
Views 131,115 | Posted 8/23/2011

Smoke Prank by MagicofRahat
Views 7,297 | Posted 8/23/2011

Poreotics 2nd performance (ALL CREDIT TO URBAN SHOWCASE) by RandyOrtonLegendX
Views 1,817 | Posted 8/23/2011

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